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What Makes NOVA BURN Unique?

What Makes NOVA BURN Unique?
Posted on: 2013-07-31 08:31:22 Ft.


There are 4 key differences, which make NOVA BURN stand out from other thermogenics on the market:

  1. Contains Four Potent Stimulants – NOVA BURN contains four powerful stimulants (olive leaf extract, higenamine HCl, dendrobium and caffeine) in precise dosages to provide a unique sensory and thermogenic effect, while also containing ingredients to prevent jitteriness for a “smooth” energetic sensation.*
  2. Standardized Ingredients – At inHUMAN Nutrition, we stand for integrity, quality and results. We only use ingredients, standardized for their active compounds, to help ensure the highest potency and effectiveness of our products.
  3. No Proprietary Blends – We do not hide ingredient amounts in proprietary blends or list them by obscure scientific nomenclature. With our products, you know exactly what ingredients and amounts are in our formulas.
  4. Single Capsule Servings – Unlike many other thermogenic formulas available, which require multiple capsules per dose, the NOVA BURN formula is so potent that all you need is one capsule per serving. (Note: The maximum dose per day is 2 capsules.)