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Sticking Points & Bench Pressing

Sticking Points & Bench Pressing
Posted on: 2014-03-31 15:12:14 Ft.

Want to blast through sticking points on bench? If so, you may find what's written below very interesting.


Research shows that when benching for increases in strength (6-rep max) and fatigue kicks in, the muscle activity of the triceps does not change when you hit your sticking point. Nor does it change after you pass the sticking point on the way to the top of the lift. In other words, your triceps don't work any harder during these phases of the lift. However, the muscle activation of the pecs and delts increases during, and after, the sticking point. Meaning it's your chest and shoulders that have to work harder to get the bar through, and past, your sticking point.1 Therefore, if you want to blast through your sticking point and improve your bench then you may be better off focusing on exercises that build and strengthen your pecs and delts rather than your triceps.

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1. van den Tillaar, R et al. 2013. Fatigue effects upon sticking region and electromyography in a six-repetition maximum bench press. Journal of Sports Sciences. 31(16):1823-30.