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High-Resistance Circuit Training vs. Traditional Strength Training

High-Resistance Circuit Training vs. Traditional Strength Training
Posted on: 2013-10-09 23:17:18 Ft.

Is high-resistance circuit training worth the extra effort? It depends on what your goals are. Here’s why.

In an 8-week study conducted in Spain, 33 healthy men were split into three groups. The first group followed a traditional strength-training program and performed one exercise at a time with 3 minutes between sets. The second group followed a high-resistance circuit-training program, which had them perform tri-sets (three exercises perform back-to-back with very little rest between exercises) and rested three minutes between tri-sets. Both groups trained three times a week and performed 3-6 sets of six exercises with a weight they could lift for six reps. The third group did nothing.

The results showed that both training groups made similar gains in strength and lean mass. However, the circuit-training group lost a significant amount of bodyfat whereas the strength-training group did not. Additionally, and this comes as no surprise, the circuit-training group finished their workouts faster. That being said, if you’re looking to slim down and/or get through your workouts faster than performing tri-sets may be right for you.1

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