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Cardio & Muscular Development

Cardio & Muscular Development
Posted on: 2014-03-06 23:58:27 Ft.

Is your goal to get bigger and stronger? If so, than you might want to tone down your cardio. A research paper presented last month shows that long-duration cardio limits gains in size and strength.

In the study, researchers split 24 men with less than two years weight training experience into four groups. One group trained three times a week and performed leg extensions for five sets with a weight they could lift for six reps. They did no cardio. The second group also trained three times a week and performed leg extensions using a weight they could continuously lift for 30 minutes. They did endurance training once a week. The third group basically did the same as the second group, but did long-duration cardio three times a week. The fourth group did nothing and served as a control.

The results showed that the less endurance training the men did the greater gains in muscle size and strength they made. In other words, the guys who just did weight training made the best gains in size and strength, while those who did cardio once a week had better results than those who added three cardio sessions a week.1 Therefore, if size and strength are the goal, then make that the focus and limit your cardio intensity.

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